Highlights 2004-2023

2023 – GDPE 30th Anniversary

Speaker: TBD
Talk: TBD
Theme: TBD
Executive Board: Josie Smith, President; Anna Wright, Vice President; Cass Behnke, Secretary; TBD, Financial Officer
Committee Chairs: TBD, Fundraising; Matt Sturchio, Social Media and Outreach; Kyle Ruszkowski, Abstracts and Program; Anna Wright, Day Of
Members: TBD


Speaker: Dr. Nancy Grimm (Arizona State University)
Talk: Envisioning positive futures and nature-based solutions for the Anthropocene
Theme: Changing Landscapes: Understanding Ecosystems of the Future
Executive Board: Olivia Hajek, President; Caitlin Miller, Vice President; Kathy Condon, Secretary; Aaron Prairie, Financial Officer
Committee Chairs: Nico Matallana, Fundraising; Mary Linabury, Social Media and Outreach; Josie Smith, Abstracts and Program; Caitlin Miller, Day Of
Members: Alex Siggers, Anna Shampain, Paige Hansen, Sam Leuthold, Katie Nigro,
Elizabeth Diaz-Clark, Kyle Ruszkowski, Matt Sturchio, Emma Svatos, Cozette Romero, Teia Schweizer, Carina Donne, Mel Morado, Stephen Chang


Speaker: Dr. Delia Shelton (University of Missouri)
Talk: “A tale of two finned kin, the environment affects all within: Understanding how the physical and social environments interact to produce phenotypes important to protect ecosystems and human health”
Speaker: Dr. Samniqueka Halsey (University of Missouri)
Talk: “Understanding ecological patterns using long-term data sets, remote sensing and computational approaches”
Theme: A Niche for Everyone: Diversifying Ecology in 2021
Executive Board: Caitlin Charlton, President; Maria Chavez, Vice President; Julian Cassano, Secretary; Eliza Clark, Treasurer and Financial Officer


Speaker: Dr. Amanda Cravens (Fort Collins Science Center)
Talk: “Balancing human and ecological needs in drought preparedness and response: An ecological drought case study from Montana’s Upper Missouri Headwaters”
Theme: Seeing 2020: Ecology through a Human Lens
Executive Board: Leena Vilonen, President; Laura van der Pol, Vice President; Mary Linabury, Treasurer and Financial Officer; Rebecca Cheek, Secretary
Committee Chairs: Jemma Fedum, Fundraising; Erika Pierce and Katie Rocci, Social Media and Outreach; Eliza Clark, Abstracts and Program; Laura van der Pol, Day Of
Members: Sam Mosier, Mary Linabury, Arianna Punzalan, Alison Post, Rebecca Cheek, Kirsten Hein, Madison Scheer, Julian Cassano, Olivia Hajek, Nathan Dorff, Jennifer Brady, Shabana Hoosein, Taryn Contento, Marcel Jardeleza, LeAundra Schopflin, Marth Bierut, Lily Durkee, Natalie Schmer, Siwook Hwang, Kendra Gilbertson, Michael Guigi, Taylor Bobowski, Khum Thapa-Magar, Sophia Risvold, Maria Chavez, Rina Hauptfeld

2019 – 25th FRSES

Speaker: Dr. Jacquelyn Gill (University of Maine)
Speaker: Dr. Steven Hamburg (Cheif Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund)
Theme: From Past to Future: Navigating Global Change
Executive Board: Carolina Cutierrez, President; Shelby McClelland, Vice President; Katie Rocci, Treasurer and Financial Officer; Sarah Leichty, Secretary
Committee Chairs: Courtland Kelly, Fundraising; Jemma Fedum, Outreach and Advertising; Brooke Berger, Abstracts; Laura van der Pol, Program; Shelby McClelland, Day Of
Members: Caitlin Carlton, Stephen Mugel, Lisa Eash, Marcel Jardeleza, Eric Jensen, Bennett Hardy, Rachel Kanaziz, Katie Nigro, Eliza Clarke, Sue Abernathy, Ryan Schroeder, Hayley Bubb, Maria Chavez, Kaytee Ankrom, Ryan Lawrence, Clif Mckee, Erika Peirce, Alison Foster, Andreas Wion, Leena Vilonen
Staff Advisor: Sara Rose, GDPE
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Neuwald, GDPE

2018 – GDPE 25th Anniversary

Opening Speakers: Dr. Bea Van Horne (Pacific Northwest Research Station, US Forest Service) and Dr. John Wiens (Delta Independent Science Board, California)
Opening Address: “Taking GDPE into the Ecological Future”
Speaker: Dr. Kimberly With (Kansas State University)
Talk: “The False Dichotomy of the Habitat Amount vs. Fragmentation Debate”
Speaker: Alan P. Covich (University of Georgia)
Talk: “Finding New Ideas by Exploring Inter-Disciplinary Riverscapes”
Theme: Piecing Together a Fragmented World
Executive Board: Maybelle Gamboa, Co-President; Craig Marshall, Co-President; Katie Fialko, Vice President; Lydia Baldwin, Treasurer and Financial Officer; Carolina Gutierrez, Secretary
Committee Chairs: Rebecca Cheek and Brittany Smith, Fundraising; Katie Rocci and Stephen Mugel, Webmaster and Social Media; Holly Lafferty and Alison Foster, Outreach and Social Media; Andreas Wion and Ryan Schroeder, Program and Abstracts; Katie Fialko, Day Of
Members: Alison Foster, Sam Mosier, Carrie Tait, Holly Lafferty, Shelby McClelland, Sarah Leichty, Caylee Falvo, Dani Lin, Arianna Punzalan, Whitney Beck, Stephen Mugel, Katie Rocci, Alex Mauro, Amanda Cicchino, Carolina Gutierrez, Lydia Baldwin
Staff Advisor: Sara Rose, GDPE
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Neuwald, GDPE


Speaker: Dr. Meghan Duffy (University of Michigan)
Talk: “Multihost-Multipathogen Interactions and Ecosystem-Disease Linkages in Lake Daphnia”
Theme: Ecology Gone Viral
Executive Board: Whitney Beck, President; Alison Post, Vice President; Holly Lafferty, Secretary; Kristin Davis, Treasurer
Committee Chairs: Craig Marshall and Maybellene Gamboa, Fundraising; Lewis Messner, Webmaster and Social Media; Holly Lafferty and Carolina Gutierrez, Outreach and Advertising; Amanda Carlson, Program and Abstracts; Alison Post, Day Of
Members: Brittany Smith, Katie Fialko, Stacy Endriss, Jacob Edwards, Ingrid Slette, David Markman, Alex Mauro, Rebecca Cheek, Jasmin Hicks, Carrie Tait, Courtland Kelly, Shabana Hoosein, Theresa Barosh, Ben Golas
Staff Advisor: Sara Rose, GDPE
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Neuwald, GDPE


Speaker: Dr. Sudeep Chandra (University of Nevada)
Talk: “A tale of two lakes: the interaction of science, society, and the development of environmental policy”
Theme: From Publication to Policy
Executive Board: Stacy Endriss, President; Megan Vahsen, Vice President; Dhaval Vyas, Secretary; Kelly Chesus, Treasurer
Members: Alison Post, Ava Hoffman, Brian Gill, Courtney Larson, Craig Marshall, Dan Kotter, Emma Schlatter, Erin Cubley, Ezequiel Fernadez, Franz Lichtner, Holly Lafferty, Katherine Carrrol, Kristin Davis, Maybellene Gamboa, Robert Griffin-Nolan, Theresa Barosh, Whitney Beck


Speaker: Dr. Diane Pataki (University of Utah)
Talk: “Ecology by Design: A Scientific Perspective on the Role of Cultivated Gardens in Cities”
Theme: From Mountains to Main Street
Executive Board: Anita Kennedy, President; Clif McKee, Vice-President; Ava Hoffman, Secretary; Katy Warner, Treasurer
Committee Chairs: Erika Foster and Maybellene Gamboa, Fundraising; Ava Hoffman and Courtney Larson, Webmaster and Social Media; Whitney Beck, Outreach; Laura Martin, Program and Abstracts; Clif McKee, Day Of
Members: Theresa Barosh, Kelly Chesus, Andrew Felton, Keziah Katx, Eric Knutson, Anna Mangan, Danny Martin, Grey Monroe, Robert Nolan-Griffin, Yamina Pressler, Matt Ramlow, Abbie Reade, Hannah Riedl, Ingrid Slette, Christa Torrens, Megan Vahsen, Dhaval Vyas, Brian Wolff
Staff Advisor: Jeri Morgan, GDPE Coordinator
Faculty Advisor: Dr. LeRoy Poff, GDPE Director


Speaker: Dr. F. Stuart Chapin, III (University of Alaska-Fairbanks)
Talk: “Ecosystem stewardship: Sustainability strategies for a rapidly changing planet”
Theme: Frontiers in Integrating Society, Environment, and Uncertainty
Executive Board: Elsie Denton, President; Carolyn Livensperger, Vice President; A.J. Horton, Secretary; Ann Raiho, Treasurer
Committee Chairs: Sam Dunn, Carolyn Livensperger, Katie Renwick, Erika Foster, Jeff Carroll, Ava Hoffman
Members: Rachel Harrington, Renee Curry, Graham Tuttle, Marin Chambers, Keziah Katz, Alison Cartwright, Jennifer Timmer, Clif McKee
Staff Advisor: Jeri Morgan, GDPE Coordinator
Faculty Advisor: Dr. LeRoy Poff, GDPE Director


Speaker: Dr. Daniel Simberloff (University of Tennessee)
Talk: “Invasion impacts: What’s the evidence, and why the controversy?”
Theme: Leading Ecology: Challenging Paradigms in a Changing World
Executive Board: Amber Childress, President; Graham Tuttle, Vice-President; Carlyn Perovich, Secretary; Sam Dunn, Treasurer
Committee Chairs: Ann Raiho, Erica Goad, A.J. Horton, Tony Vorster, Elsie Denton, Apryle Craig, Amanda West
Members: Charlotte Alster, Nell Campbell, Laurel Lynch, Carolyn Livensperger, Chaska Huayahuaca, Steven Filippelli, Francis Chaves, Brian Brost, Ben Wilson, Keziah Katz, Aaron Sidder, Jesse Gray, Amanda Shores, Chubashini Suntharalingam, Danny Martin, Jamie Fuller, Jocelyn LaVallee, Erin Meier, Katie Lyon
Staff Advisor: Jeri Morgan, GDPE Coordinator
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kurt Fausch, Acting Director, GDPE


Speaker: Dr. Nalini M. Nadkarni (University of Utah)
Talk: “Looking Upward and Outward: Communicating Rainforest Canopy Research to Non-traditional Public Audiences”
Panel Discussion: “Publication vs. Public Outreach: How Should We Communicate Our Results?”
Theme: Making Ecology Accessible: Expanding the Scope of Science Research and Communication
Executive Board: Katie Renwick, President; Kristen Plez, Vice-President; Laura Dev, Secretary; Nell Campbell, Treasurer.
Committee Chairs: A.J. Horton, Barbara Fricks, Brian Gates, Amber Childress, Katie Lyon, Jocelyn Lavallee
Members: Adam Dillon, Amanda West, Andrea Borkenhagen, Arren Allegretti, Caroline Melle, Carlyn Perovich, Courtney Gomola, Danny Martin, David Lewis, David Scott, Erin Meier, Garrett Stephens, Graham Tuttle, Jeff Kent, Jenny Rocca, Melissa Haeffner, Naema Larial, Nicole Didero, Ram Gurung, Sam Dunn, Stacy Biddlecomb, Valerie Steen
Staff Advisor: Jeri Morgan
Faculty Advisor: Dr. LeRoy Poff


Speaker: Dr. Eric Menges (Archbold Biological Station)
Talk: “Shrubland Responses to Fire and Spatial Pattern: A Mosaic of Interaction”
Theme: Changing Ecosystems: Creating a Sustainable Future through Science and Stewardship
Executive Board: Sarah Bisbing, President; Kristen Kaczynski, Vice-President; Kelly Hopping, Secretary; Hannah Wilbur, Treasurer
Committee Chairs: Amber Shalkin, Jeremy Sueltenfuss, Jonathan Straube, Katie Renwick, Kirsten Holfelder, Kristen Pelz, Laura Dev, Ryan ScShane
Members: Aaron Yuhas, Alexandra Urza, Amy Kousch, Ashley Jackson, Ashley Shaw, Brian Gates, Brooke Davis, Brooke Osborne, Byamba Suran, Chad Young, Dave Millar, David Guenzi, Esther Duke, Gloria Sumay, Hali Younhg, Hannah Birge, Jenny Soong, Jessica Salo, Jocelyn Lavallee, John Lovell, John Tipton, Kate Cueno, Kate Wilkins, Kevin Wilcox, Krista Lewicki, Melanie Davis, Nicole McDaniel, Paul Prewer, Phil Graeve, SarahGarza, Steve Hasstedt, Stratis Giannakouros, Tim Assal
Staff Advisor: Jeri Morgan
Faculty Advisor: Dr. LeRoy Poff

Note: the current FRSES Logo was designed this year.


Speaker: Dr. Richard Pouyat (U.S. Forest Service)
Talk: “Ecology and Public Policy: Making them Compatible”
Theme: Laws of Nature: The integration of Science and Policy
Executive Board:  John Murgel, President
Members: Patty York, Jessica Salo, Hannah Wilbur, Chrissy Alba-Lynn, Dan Auerbach, Sarah Bisbing, Kerry Byrne, Kate Cueno, Melanie Davis, Laura Dev, Jessica Ernakovich, Sarach Evans, Kim Guilbault, Charlotte Ham, Kirstin Holfelder, Kelly Hopping, Kristen Kacziynski, Ryan McShane, Marques Munis, Brooke Osborne, Amber Shanklin, Jenny Soong, Meg Steinweg, Jonathan Straube, John Tipton, Andrew Tredennick, Greg Wann
Staff Advisor: Jeri Morgan
Faculty Advisor: Dr. LeRoy Poff


Speaker: Dr. Christopher Field (Stanford University, IPCC)
Talk: “Climate Change, Climate Change Assessment, and Climate Policy”
Theme: Science for a Society in a Changing World
Symposium Chair: Jessica Ernakovich
Members: Aaron Berdanier, Sarah Evans, Anne Marie Casper, Jim Bromberg, Kerry Byrne, Becky Chong, Jamie Fuller, Tom Grant, Kelly Hopping, Emily Kachergis, Kristen Kaczynski, John Lovell, Nate Mellor, John Murgel, Jessica Salo, Karen Seaver, Meg Steinweg, Charles Stone, Jonathan Sraube, Patty York.
Staff Advisor: Jeri Morgan
Faculty Advisor: Dr. LeRoy Poff


Speaker: Dr. Dave Schimel (NEON)
Talk: “Ecological Forecasting and the upcoming NEON era”
Theme: Ecology: a matter of scales
Symposium Co-chairs: Charles Stone and Tom Grant
Members: Chrissy Alba-Lynn, Jim Bromberg, Jessica Ernakovich, Sara Evans, Emily Kachergis, Nate Mellor, Melissa Reyes, Madeline Scheintaub, Jonathan Straube, Karl Wyant
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Indy Burke


Speaker: Dr. Maria Fernandez-Gimenez (Colorado State University)
Talk: Lost in translation: Tales of a transdiscipinary quest
Theme: Integrating the Natural, Social, and Mathematical Sciences
Co-Chairs: Liz Harp, Stephanie Owens
Members:Greg Buis, Mechelle Haddix, Lisa Mason, Nate Mellor, Madeline Scheintaub, Rod Simpson, Apple Snider, Helen Sofaer, Charles Stone, Karl Wyant


Speaker: Dr. Cheryl Briggs (University of California: Santa Barbara)
Theme: The Ecology of Infectious Diseases: Are We Having an Epidemic of Epidemics?
Endnote Speaker:  Peter Hudson
Talk: “Science based policy and the ecology of infectious diseases”
Panel Discussion: “Treading Lightly: Reducing our Ecological Footprint Through Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Urban Planning”
Members:Sarah Hamman, Bill Sea, Darrin Sharp, Ben Lenth, Diana Selby, Annie Brown, Heather Lyons, Kim Magraw,  Amy Blair, Alicia Wittmer, Bill Sea,
Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Ruth Hufbauer

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