2022 FRSES Poster Session (Lory Room 382)

3:30-5:00 pm

Trade-off between responses to drought and neighborhood cover among grassland communities along a precipitation gradient
Hailey Mount, University of Wyoming
Human-generated noise has larger effects on cricket behavior than life history or reproductive investment
Sophia Anner, University of Denver
What urban features mediate habitat use by Cooper’s hawks in Denver, CO?
Alyssa Davidge, University of Colorado, Denver
Sex Ratio Effects on Pair Bond Formation in Convict Cichlids (Amatitlania Nigrofasciata)
Rory Van Lieu, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Examination of Migratory Bird Flight Calls in Relation to Radar Forecasting
Madison Chudzik, Colorado State University
Density-dependence outweighs habitat influences on brook trout condition in the Southeastern US
George Valentine, Colorado State University
Effects of ecological restoration treatments on understory plant diversity and productivity in Colorado dry conifer forests
Ariel Demarest, Colorado State University
Restoring heterogeneity: the impact of creating mounds and slash piles on species diversity at a disturbed sagebrush parkland. 
Becca Harris, Colorado State University
Fungal friends and foes: Effects of mycorrhizal inoculation on disease response in hybrid poplars
Kaydee Barker, Colorado State University
Responses of a semi-arid grassland to climate change-induced alterations in the seasonal availability of water
Olivia Hajek, Colorado State University
Plant water use in Front Range wetlands
Anna Wright, Colorado State University 
Assessing How Perceived Poaching Risk Alters Forest Elephant (Loxodonta Cyclotis) Distribution and Activity
Ana Verahrami, Colorado State University
Community composition of trematode parasites along a river continuum
Falke Landon, Colorado State University
Disturbance and disease: effects of wildfire on host-parasite interactions
Emma Svatos, Colorado State University
Improving soil moisture sensor protocols in agrivoltaics systems
Tillie Pinkowitz, Colorado State University 
Estimating return on investment from carbon sequestration and other ecosystem services to inform policy decisions
Ben Choat, Colorado State University
Ecosystem responses to extreme precipitation events during wetter-than-average conditions in the semi-arid shortgrass steppe
Kathy Condon, Colorado State University
Applying the In-N-Out framework to a meta-analysis of hierarchical controls on soil carbon storage and nitrogen recycling across North America and Europe
Paige Hansen, Colorado State University
The role of litter chemistry and degree of carbon saturation deficit on soil organic matter formation
Laura Moore, Colorado State University
Changes in the soil microbiome
Andie Gonzales, Colorado State University
Ecological processes of the dryland soil microbiome shift across a systemic breakdown phase aridity threshold
LeAundra Schopflibn, Colorado State University
Soil aggregates – the tiny homes for soil organic matter
Rebecca Even, Colorado State University
Exploring shifts in the character and distribution of soil organic matter fractions across a physiochemical soil gradient
Sam Leuthold, Colorado State

Full abstracts for these posters can be found here.

The 2021 Online FRSES Poster Archive can be found here.

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