The Event

FRSES is a student-run symposium that provides an opportunity for Front Range students doing research in ecology to showcase their work and network in a supportive peer environment. FRSES began in 1994 and has taken place annually since.

The Organizers

Each year, graduate students at Colorado State University volunteer their time to organize the multi-day, regional symposium for early-career ecologists.

2023 Executive Committee:

  • Josie Otto, President
  • Anna Wright, Vice President
  • Cassidy Behnke, Treasurer
  • Jordan Alex Siggers, Secretary

Committee Chairs:

  • Mattie Horn, Outreach
  • Kyle Ruszkowski, Abstracts
  • Matt Sturchio, Media and Marketing
  • Cassidy Behnke, Fundraising
  • Anna Wright, Day-Of


  • Alyssa Connaughton
  • Brynn Crosby
  • Ehsan Khedive
  • Elizabeth Diaz-Clark
  • Kathy Condon
  • Katie Nigro
  • Kelby Woodard
  • Mary Linabury
  • Meg Mahoney
  • Melissa Morales
  • Nick Parker
  • Nicki Bailey
  • Rose Parham
  • Sam Smith
  • Sarah Albright
  • Sydney Hedberg
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